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My name is CHRISTIAN BROWN and I'm an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2015, I received a BFA from Memphis College of Art with a major in printmaking and a minor in art history. Consequently, I learned other fine art techniques such as papermaking and bookmaking in conjunction with printmaking, while working with design systems such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design. As a post-graduate, I've worked in three different printshops and completed a 4-month artist residency in Leipzig, Germany, where I currently reside. During that time I met my wife CHRISTINA MATERN and began to collaborate in various art projects. 


-Traveling with my wife.



-Bike riding.


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After completing a four-month residency from fall of 2016 to spring of 2017 with PILOTENKUECHE, I decided to become an intern for the program during the summer of 2017.

I was given the opportunity of being the head graphic designer for the program's graphics promotion meaning that I was responsible for creating flyer designs (digital and physical), web banners, photo documentation, and editing. Most of the promotion is geared towards art exhibitions for the residents. Along with that, it was also my responsibility to assist the artists with installing and uninstalling their artwork.  

Below you will find slides that display some of the designs that I made while working for the program.

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Sachë Design

After graduating from Memphis College of Art in 2015 I worked for a screenprinting company called  Sachë Design. It was a retail store in downtown Memphis, Tennessee that provided services for graphic design and printmaking. 

The company catered to the idea of practical design. The store had an in-house screenprint workshop, where we printed Memphis-related designs for retail inventory and accepted commissions from local businesses for branding. I gained a year's worth of experience working with some incredible people and learning a lot from them about printmaking and graphic design.

The following slides will highlight my involvement with Sachë Design and how I've applied what I learned from them to personal projects and commissions.


Sachë Design also constructed what they called a "Tshirt Machine". This refurbished bread truck was the perfect vehicle for mobile screenprinting. It catered to local events throughout Memphis by allowing people to purchase site-specific merchandise.