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A Visual Journey

"I wouldn't dare myself to not make art"

                               - Christian Brown

Christian Brown is an African-American artist, who was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. In 2015, he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Memphis College of Art, majoring in printmaking and minoring in art history. He specializes in screen printing and graphic design and employs other mediums such as book-arts, painting, and sculpture. As a native New Orleanian, some of his work is inspired by social, racial, and economic identity. At the same time, other pieces illustrate various relationships between man and the environment. Mr. Brown has exhibited in various gallery spaces such as San Francisco State University, "Front Art Space" in New York City, New York, the "Contemporary Art Center" in New Orleans, Louisiana, and many more.

As an artist, Christian Brown never settled on marginalizing himself to one specific medium or concept. He believes that art consists of too many techniques and mediums to limit himself to just one. Life experiences have taught him that ideas change and are in a constant flux that correlates with one’s personal development, which causes him to select his new medium accordingly. Because of this reasoning, most of his work focuses on real and surreal content. Mr. Brown realizes the importance of retaining the playful nature of making art that, originally, sparked his influence. Yet, he is also figuring out how to juxtapose it with the harsh realities of life and human nature. Thus, creating a series of works that’ll serve as a means of escape for not only himself but the viewer as well.

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